Who the heck am I? Good question. If you find out, let me know!

My circumstances would tell you that I’m a suburban wife (22 years), a SAHM, cat lover (we have six, for crying out loud) and lover of all animals since we’ve previously had a hamster, a rabbit, guinea pigs (blech!), Polini the Rat, Robo Dwarf Hamsters (my favorite) and an assortment of mice. The current one creating “Cat TV” in the glass aquarium is Oreo. Guess his colors.

And that’s just what you see on the outside. Those digging deeper find out I’m a former country girl and learning gardener slowly eradicating my lawn, a reader of mysteries, a writer and caretaker-of-sorts to my 80-something mother. It’s possible you’ll discover I’m a pianist and singer. And I might even feel compelled to talk about my daughter’s health concerns in order to explain her behavior.

But if you get brave enough to dig to China, you’ll discover a few other things: That I have an insatiable thirst for learning; that I long for adventure and spontaneity in a life controlled by routine and the needs of my kids; that I am an extroverted introvert that enjoys chatting with old friends and complete strangers; and that I miss my beloved father more than I can ever express.


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